ASHANTI ALEXANDER, MANUFACTURING Ashanti is from the Irish Channel neighborhood in Uptown, New Orleans. He started working at Queork in August of 2016, where he learned how to sew, be more patient, challenge himself and accomplish goals. He loves fashion, especially street wear. Ashanti likes to alter his own clothes, and can often be found taking pieces from one garment and sewing them onto another. He started making instrumental hip hop and rap beats on studio software when he was fourteen years old. He’s constantly inspired by the story lines and creativity of anime shows and films. In the future, he aims to operate a personal brand company that combines streetwear fashion and hip hop music. He loves his little nephew Adarren, and calls him “Duddah”. Ya heard me?

I'm a Designer/Illustrator/Screenwriter. As life continues I hope to someday become an "Artist of life". Philosophy has begun to be an interesting topic for me, so far I found that I'm very interested in the words of Bruce Lee and Baruch Spinoza philosophies on life and society. I am one of the many talented individuals at Queork. "The whole is greater than the part"- Plato

Astra is an ambitious and focused individual hailing from San Francisco, CA. Having moved to New Orleans to experience a new flavor of arts and culture, she now calls this unique city home. Born in to a family of street artist, creatives, crafters, and music lovers gave Astra a surefire start to a career in fashion. She has always been a creator, and has focused her education on Apparel Design and Merchandising. Being in love with fashion and wine at the same time has made her an integral part of the growing Queork team for over a year.  Astra is excited and passionate about everything creative she does, and continues to look forward to contributing her skills to a growing, sustainable fashion business. Besides bags, Astra loves designing costumes, jewelry, apparel, and accessories as well as looking for new ways to utilize the super interesting qualities of cork fabrics. Fashion, fun and sustainability are her passions. When she's not busy making customs and doing repairs at Queork, you can find her out looking for the endless inspiration she finds here in New Orleans. Astra is truly one-of-a-kind and takes great pride in learning what it takes to operate a successful boutique apparel business. Astra was born to be a star. The popular Latin phrase "Ad Astra per Aspera," meaning " to the stars through difficulties," embodies the nature of her spirit. Determination, a passion for simplistic beauty, and inspiration are what makes Astra Rose Baxley a unique and valued core member of the Queork family.



ALANAH FLAD, STORE MANAGER Alanah Flad is the Store Manager at Queork’s store located on Magazine Street.  Alanah studied fashion marketing for over 9 years and is passionate about educating people on ethical and sustainable fashion. She graduated from the University of New Orleans with a degree in marketing and a concentration in sales. Her interest in wine, the environment, and animal welfare encouraged her to pursue a career in the cork fashion and sales industry.  She spends her free time outside of work playing with her dogs and rooting on the Saints.