Fieldstone Affiliate Program General Terms



QUEORK Retail Partner Affiliate Program


We are thrilled to announce a special affiliate program for Fieldstone to offer to retail partners during this unsettling time.  The opportunity is to participate in a one day online sale April 16, 2020 with no risk to you and is designed to offer both a retailer commission based on the online sales you generate as well as a discount to your clients when they use your unique discount code at checkout on our website (queork.com).  We know that affiliate programs exist and are nothing new however this is different because the retailer commission rates are considerably higher, commissions are paid in one week, and you pick what level of discount for your customers based on how you feel will have the most success:

  • 35% Retailer Commission/15% Customer Discount
  • 30% Retailer Commission/20% Customer Discount
  • 25% Retailer Commission/25% Customer Discount
  • 20% Retailer Commission/30% Customer Discount
  • 15% Retailer Commission/35% Customer Discount

This allows Queork to use our ability to fulfill and ship orders from our warehouse and strengthen our relationships with our retail partners by giving them a much needed avenue for cash flow as well.  This will also allow us to introduce our products to your customers so that when things get closer to normal, our line will be more in demand for you to buy.  This is an opportunity to reach out and use the power of the relationships you have built and give those people an opportunity to help.

To sign up and receive your unique affiliate code, artwork for social media/email blasts, and your unique link to our website click the link below. 

Examples of media that will be provided to share with your clients can be found here however we urge you to take the time to write a heartfelt message to your customers explaining your situation and what the opportunity means to your boutique, the staff, and how their support might make a huge difference as it so did with ours. 



Below are some general terms of the Affiliate Offering:

  • You must sign up as an affiliate by April 12th, 2020 to enter the program
  • Your code can only be used for one 24 hour period (CST) on April 16, 2020.  This will create a much needed sense of urgency as well as ease accounting on our end.
  • 80% of retailer commissions will be paid 7 days after the sale with the remaining 20% being held back for an additional 2 weeks against the cost of any subsequent returns.
  • Retailer commissions are calculated on net sales revenue (after discounts, shipping cost, taxes, etc)
  • Shipping and fulfillment will be done by QUEORK out of New Orleans. 
  • You may use any of our media or branding found on our website to promote the products and sale in advance.  All sale prices and promotions will be removed from site prior to your sale date.  Links to media will be emailed once affiliate is approved no later than April 13th, 2020. 
  • Sale date will be April 16th.  No retailer commissions will be given for sales that do not use your unique coupon code at checkout. 
  • All other terms and conditions will be provided once Affiliate is approved. 

To apply as an affiliate please click FORM button below and fill out form by April 12, 2020.  You will then be informed via email April 13th or sooner of approval and further instructions with your unique code and links:

If you have any questions please email help@queork.com