Employee update

Today something wonderful happened.  In an attempt to try and make our rent and first of month obligations we reached out to our customers via email and explained our current situation and then offered a one day discount of 50% off everything online.

Half off pricing would help us turn the heavy inventory we currently have into much needed cash.  90% of our income is from travelers visiting our stores that are now closed indefinitely.  Since January 1 we were anticipating another big spring season and with the additional demand from wholesale we were loaded up on inventory when the stores shut down.  What that means is that all of our money was tied up in this inventory and we had no way of paying the bills without cash flow in, 90% of which relies on store sales.

But our company is different than most in the French Quarter, it is different than most anywhere in the world.  Not only are we unique but we are a great company that deserves to exist past all this.  Because we treat every customer as a friend, tell the story of QUEORK, but most importantly we get personal with everyone that comes our way.  We love our products because they are a part of who we are.

Whether it is "what we make" or "what makes us", when people stumble on our brand, they see that our company is full of love for our product, our skills in making that product, and our love in sharing it with others.  

As of the time I type this, the volume of online sales from this sale is:


Just to give you a perspective our record sales day before this was just above $19,000 on Black Friday of 2018 with 4 stores instead of 2.  Even when The Profit aired did we exceed $19,000 in a day. 

Today’s sales are because of you guys.  Every one of you is the face of our company whether you are in the store talking to customers, or in the depot making our products or managing the bigger picture. 

I am so proud of all of you.  You give me the strength I need to make damn sure we come back better than ever.  This is to let you know that there is no doubt we are coming back and hopefully sooner than the stores can even reopen.  Until then, everyone should qualify for State unemployment benefits that will now be topped with Federal unemployment of $600 a week - everyone should be getting this starting in April so if you need help on filing for your state benefits please reach out because this is how you will receive the additional $600 per week.   

Plan on updates as soon as we receive them.  We are working daily on contract bids for sewing items at the State and Federal level and an exciting offer to our wholesale partners that will continue to put us in an amazing position when we are allowed to restart.  In a weird way, this terrible epidemic might have a silver lining built for companies like ours that have a staff of fans so deserving of the karma we are currently experiencing for just being ourselves. 


I love you guys.  If anyone needs anything let me know. 



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