Real Cork Wood Bow Tie

"Oh? My bow tie? Ha ha, thanks! No not leather, its actually made out of cork bark from Portugal! Picked it up from this nifty little company based in New Orleans - Yes! That Queork one you saw on NBC's The Profit! Great products and good for the environment too!" ... Just a little something to help you practice in the mirror. This comes pre-tied and is adjustable.

Real Cork Wood, soft as leather! 

Our Cork

All of our products are made from high quality upholstery grade cork sourced from the cork orchards of Portugal. Cork is an extremely durable, vegan alternative to leather and is naturally water resistant, stain resistant, anti-microbial, and scratch resistant. Your cork product will last you for years to come with minimal care. Questions? Comments? Custom Orders? Please do not hesitate to Contact Us!

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