Make No Small Plans

June 21, 2020 2 Comments

Make No Small Plans

What a year this has been for all of us!  Being able to connect to you, our customers, is the reason Queork is still alive today.  Connection is everything, and so we wanted to share our plans for Queork's future.


New Orleans just made Phase 2 but we have held off on reopening the stores because they rely so heavily on tourism.  It's still a ghost town in the quarter and unfortunately most of the shops surrounding our French Quarter location have already pulled the plug.  There has been an increase in traffic at our uptown location as pent up locals are scratching their shopping itch and for that reason we plan to reopen the store located at 3005 Magazine on July 1st.  We will start with a full 10-6pm daily schedule but may need to adjust if the traffic doesn't support so make sure to check our website before you come.  The July 4th weekend will feature all of our closeout, discontinued, and sample items at bargain prices!

New Product Line

With the success of our recent sales we suddenly realized that our online shoppers needed a whole new lineup to choose from!  A few have already arrived like our line of deluxe beverage holders, cowboy boots, beach bag, and more.  In the next month we should be rolling out several new men and women's wallets, work bags, coin purses, cases for chargers and AirPods, backpacks, jewelry, and so many more.  We will also be restocking our popular yoga mats and umbrellas within the next two weeks.  

How's Business?

Not great.  And we do not expect it to increase much even with the store opening and so we are doing all that we can to make it to a day when visitor traffic comes back to New Orleans.  Until then we will be selling our products to retailers around the country who aren't as dependent on tourism and can resell our products in their stores so make sure to tell your local boutiques to check us out!  As always, we are selling online and fulfilling orders daily from our manufacturing space in New Orleans where we have had most of our team, even the store staff, working on production of new products and waiting for your next order:)





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John Beach
John Beach

June 21, 2020

Hey guys, I think I may have asked in person in October, but have you thought about more men’s style of sunglasses? Maybe Aviators or Wayfarers or something sleek in a masculine style?
If so, please place me on the waiting list.

Drew Iorio
Drew Iorio

June 21, 2020

Have you ever considered making Mens Cowboy Boots?

Similar to the women’s but lower heal and taller shaft. A bit more rounded toe.

Love the Cork products

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