Belt It Out!

February 18, 2018 1 Comment

Belt It Out!

They sometimes call cork "cork leather" because of the similarities in texture and durability however one major difference between cork and leather is the fact that cork is on a woven backing.  

As a hyde, leather is naturally thick and has no woven components so when the cut edges are exposed there is no threat of fraying.  When you cut the edges of cork fabric something has to be done in order to finish the edge because no matter how durable a product is, edges that fray over time are just plain ugly!  

At QUEORK, we do something very interesting and a bit tedious.  This process is usually only seen in very large overseas factories where a high end fit and finish is required even on leather goods.  Below is a short video showing you the process  right here in our New Orleans manufacturing facility making our reversible belts, however this is the same process used on everything from dog collars to bag handles so please enjoy watching Amanda demonstrate edge painting! 



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Darlene Smith
Darlene Smith

February 19, 2018

Wonderful information. Looking forward to selling several soon from the New information. Thanks

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